Our Injury Lawyer Talks About Ways to Stay Away From Health Scams

It’s true that legitimate doctors can be really cold sometimes, but this doesn’t mean they don’t mean well.. Each doctor has to maintain what’s called clinical detachment with their patients, so that they won’t feel emotional when they have to perform painful procedures to save your life. Although this is perfectly normal behavior for a doctor, many patients interpret it as a sign of indifference. This gave the opportunity to the alternative medicine industry luring clients by claiming that their methods are kinder, gentler and bring the same results. But is this true?

Unfortunately, as a personal injury attorney, I’ve seen lots of cases in which the patient has been lured into a scam. Although some alternative health methods and procedures may have some sort of effect on patients, most of them are far from the truth. So, in order make sure you’re getting real, effective medical care, follow our advice.

Beware of Conspiracy Theories
You’ve probably seen or heard a lot the classic catchphrases “secrets that doctors don’t want you to know”, or “things your doctors will never tell you”. Watch out for this type of advertisement as most of the time, it is designed to entice, not to inform patients. Doctors spend most of their time saving lives and helping people. If there is a better treatment out there, be sure they will recommend it. As a reputable injury attorney, I highly recommend you to do proper research before considering alternative healthcare.

Watch Out for Miracle Cures
The online market is full of so called “miracle cures”. Some of them are even suppose to cure cancer, heart disease and other deadly conditions. Now, before considering such a treatment, ask yourself. If this treatment cures cancer, how come is not all over the news? It should be in all medical and scientific journals. Everyone should know about it. Well, the reason why this doesn’t happen is because the so called cure, is not a cure at all. It’s not even close to a cure. On the contrary, it can cause more harm than good.

Unfortunately, the temptation is so great, that many people take their chances, and risk it.Once they realize they have been scammed, they turn to us, The Law Office of R Sailer. We are a reputable law office, situated in Long Beach, CA. If you need a true personal injury lawyer, feel free to call (562) 391-1666.